DIN 912 Hex socket screws


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Hexagon socket bolts are also called cup-head hexagon socket bolts. The shape is cylindrical head and the groove is hexagon socket polygon. Hexagon socket head bolts are widely used in mechanical installation because they are easy to fasten and disassemble, and are not easy to slip.

DIN 912 Hexagon socket head bolts should be installed and disassembled using a hexagonal wrench. It is a tool with a 90 ° bending. It is divided into long and short sides. When the short side is used to install the screw, the longer side can be used to hold the smaller The force can achieve the function of tightening screws. The long end of the tool is generally used for the installation and removal of screws at the assembly deep hole position.

The thread diameter is generally M1.4-M64 grade A metric products. Thread tolerance is generally 6g, 12.9 grade is 5g6g. The materials on the market are generally carbon steel CL8.8 / 10.9 / 12.9 grade.

The surface treatment is generally black and galvanized. In recent years, due to the environmental protection requirements, the surface coating has been upgraded, with the appearance of trivalent chromium-based electroplating layer and non-electrolytic flake zinc coating instead of DAC